He Will Find Me

Sometimes I think that when the Lord needs me that I am going to be stuck in a pile of laundry or in the throes of refereeing a childhood skirmish and I won’t be where He can find me.  I’ve thought that if I didn’t put myself out there and volunteer for every opportunity, sponsor every good cause, or show up to every event, He might forget about me and that I want to help Him in a big way. As I was studying in Moses, something very profound came to me. When He needed Moses, He found him tending flocks on the ‘backside of the desert’. (Exodus 3)  Once my mind caught hold of this thought, I immediately thought of other historical figures who were living lives of obscurity when the Lord needed them.  When He needed Mary, He found her in the tiny village of Nazareth.  When He needed Esther, He found her in all of the vast kingdom of Persia.   And when he needed Joseph, he found him in a small town in upstate New York.

I trust that when the Lord needs me, He knows where to find me.  Until then it’s perfectly perfect to hunker down at home with the hubby and kids preparing meals and reading bedtime stories.  After all, I’m no different than Moses tending to his flocks.  The mundane of life must be taken care of.   Essential needs must be met.  Children require nurturing.  Bills must be paid.  And if He ever needs me, He knows where to find me.

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