Seek For Peace, Not Solutions

I had a strong impression not too long ago that instead of seeking for solutions and answers all of the time, we would do well to first seek for peace.  Then, when we are in a calm and Godly state of mind, the solutions will come…maybe.  But even if a solution isn’t readily apparent, at least our soul is at rest.  This is such a great gift from God but I often gloss over it’s simplicity.

In John 14:27 the Lord promises his disciples this, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you…”  Notice that He doesn’t say, “Answers I leave with you, my answers I give unto you…”   Answers to questions and pleadings are often elusive, driven by the constraints of time, faithfulness, or readiness-on our part or the person for whom we are praying.   One attribute of God is that He knows exactly how and when to act in every situation.  So He knows exactly when to send answers-and how.  Answers can come in a variety of forms and are often unrecognizable.  It can take great searching and patience to recognize the answer to a prayer.  This is the ‘work’  of faith and it’s absolutely necessary to our growth and progress. I don’t think that in the long-run anyone desiring Godliness would want to short-circuit this process.

But, peace is instantly recognizable, can enter in long before solutions are available, creates a place of trust and faith, cures short-sightedness and makes afflictions survivable.

I have experienced this in my life over some extreme situations that would have otherwise buried me.  This promised peace has settled over me and created an assurance and confidence that is inexplicable given the present circumstances. Once I am calm, I can move forward in my life completely trusting that God is sovereign.  Accepting this peace has been a huge part of my own spiritual growth.

Give it a shot…you may be pleasantly surprised what obstacles you can move around when you are at peace.

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