Let My People Go…and other freedom-loving thoughts

In Exodus 5-11 we see a God who is emphatic that his people be set free.  He works methodically through his prophet until the proper level of freedom is reached.  So we may ask ourselves, “WHY?  Why does the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob care so much about freedom?”  We can read His own reply ourselves sprinkled throughout these chapters:  “Let my people go, that they may hold a feast unto me in the wilderness..” (Exodus 5:1) God wants His people to be free so that they can worship Him-or at least be free to choose Him.  I guess this hails right back to the Pre-mortal War when we had to fight this battle once before.  God always stands on the side of Agency because it is a True Principle.  And He knows that men and women who use their agency to worship Him find that mortality is a whole lot nicer.  Freedom allows  ingenuity, love, consecration, fulfillment of personal life mission, imagination, personal relationships, creativity, happiness, unity, faith, trust, sense of purpose, light and knowledge to flourish.  There is great vibrancy wherever there is great freedom.   His People cannot make and keep covenants with Him if they are shackled down in bondage.  Every one of us came hard-wired to desire freedom (hence the awkward and sometimes dangerous teen years!) The Lord facilitates freedom every way he knows how.  Every commandment, every commission, every word is sent forth to increase our freedom!  On a base level obeying the  commandments keeps us free from undesirable consequences.  But on a higher level they have the power to transform us into the very man or woman that God designed us to be.  Now, that’s freedom-freedom to be better than we ever imagined.  Freedom to become one with God.  Freedom to claim our portion of His Kingdom.  Freedom to stand with our Savior when He reigns.  Pahoran said it best when he wrote to Moroni that the Spirit of God is also the spirit of freedom-they are inextricably linked, one and the same-God and Freedom.  (Alma 61:15)  A fight for Freedom, no matter how small, is always a fight for God.  I’m confident there’s something each one can do to polish our Freedom.  Pharaohs of the World, beware.

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