Hastening The Work Personally

If we are awake at the wheel, then I am confident that all of us have felt a quickening in our souls every time someone says, “HASTENING THE WORK OF SALVATION”.  Things are speeding up which also means that the excitement factor doubles.  This movement in ‘The Church’ is reaching out it’s breezy arms to all of us.

I have definitely felt the Spirit urging me to hasten the work in my personal life.  I want to know more about the Gospel.  I want to study about the Second Coming, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, the Restoration, the signs and the events of the First Coming, Zion,  New Jerusalem and my role in all of it. I want to know my own family history so that I can stand proxy for my own kin.  I want to take my kids to the temple every week.  I want to have more effective and powerful Family Home Evenings.  I want to deliberately choose family activities that make a difference.  I want to make the Sabbath as day of power.  I want the Spirit to speak to me more and more because He knows that I will act.  I want angels to attend me.  I want to KNOW piece by piece my part in this Great Event.   I refuse to be a spectator on the sidelines cheering on The Hastening.  I want to be in it, breathing it, living it, loving it.  If ever there was a time to be alive, this is it-during The Hastening.  Our time on earth was foreordained NOW so that we can contribute our unique foreordained gifts to this amazing hour.  What are we holding back?  What do we REALLY need to be doing?  What do we want to study?  What do we want to KNOW?  Every one of us is  invited to be front- row-upstage-in-front -of -the -camera participants.  God reserved us for now because we’ve got what it takes.    We have all been packed with a unique tool belt (see Max Lucado’s Cure For The Common Life) to help accomplish The Hastening.  But most importantly (in my opinion), is the hastening that occurs personally.  After all, Zion is a group of prepared people-prepared because they responded individually to the the urgings of The Hastening.  So when that feeling of movement comes-definitely go with it.  The Spirit is moving over the earth trying to mobilize us into action.  We can grow so much individually during The Hastening.  It is time to stand outside the flow and catch our own wind.  WOOOO-HOOOO!

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