Feeling Stuck? Capture Some Joy

Do yourself a big, fat favor and haul out your patriarchal blessing and start studying it. There is so much there for you to discover.  I am just now starting to realize what my blessing might really be saying and it is thrilling.  I do not doubt that you will have a similar experience.  After all, we are here together during the Lord’s hastening and that is not by accident.  We are here at this time because our gifts are needed on the earth right now.  We have a great work to do and the Lord is just waiting to fill in the details.  If you’re thinking that you are too old or your time is past or your work is done-think again.  Until we are pushing up lilies, we all have amazing things to do. (Remember we are to ‘waste and wear out our lives bringing to light all the  hidden things of darkness…”)

I received my patriarchal blessing at age 16.  My parents took my older sister and I over to the patriarch’s home the same day.  I still remember the car ride there, his home, and the general feeling of anticipation that I felt that whole day.  Naturally, my oldest sister was chosen to receive her blessing first and I sat in rapt attention at this very exciting event.  Afterward I remembered more about her blessing than I did about mine because I felt that she received so much more.  In fact, I was convinced that the patriarch had run out of juice by the time that he got to me and so my blessing said nothing of much consequence. (My apologies, Patriarch!) Unfortunately,  I operated under this secret paradigm for quite a few years.   Finally, about the time that I had three children I received an anonymous note from someone at church that stated- almost verbatim- a line from my patriarchal blessing.  This time my spirit took notice and I went home to take a closer look at my actual blessing. Since then I have read it with much more interest.  I have read it frequently.  I have reflected on it occasionally.  But nothing I have done compares with what has been happening since I started studying it like I study other important topics and doctrines.

If you feel stuck spiritually or if you just want to add some real life to your life -this will do it.  I assure you, you will not be disappointed.  Over time you will come up with methods of study that really resonate with you and you will probably discover that your patriarchal blessing is a conduit of continuous revelation for your life.  It didn’t stop the day we received them.  It was meant to be the starting point of a lifetime of study about ….ourselves!  Yes, we can study ourselves! In fact, we should study ourselves because therein lies great joy...and it’s ours for the capturing.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Stuck? Capture Some Joy

    • Agreed-four yr old daughters especially! Ours just made a toast to Jesus over a bottle of Stewarts rootbeer with Andrew. Maybe she’s on to something…

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