The Miracles of Jesus

A friend recently emailed my an exhaustive list of Christ’s miracles performed in New Testament times.  We could easily add those miracles from Old Testament times, Book of Mormon times, and Latter-day times.  Not to mention our own personal miracles and those of friends and family that have affected us in very sacred ways.  I felt impressed to study these miracles as part of my Christmas experience this year.  It is going to take me well beyond Christmas to read through and study all of these; but I feel that I would like to share some of the things that I am learning from the miracles of our Saviour in a hope to inspire you to study the miracles for yourself and see what God will teach you.  And please…. SHARE what you learn.  I would love that.

Miracles are for all of us.  And I’ve learned that miracles can also be a lot of hard work.  More on that later.  I just hope that as we look at these together we will understand with greater clarity the capability of Jesus Christ to literally touch our lives.

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