Principle # 1: Come To Yourself


I know that this step might seem strange…but I feel that it really is the most important VERY FIRST step to setting meaningful goals-ones that will actually resonate with who you are and who you can become.  I think that the only way to make goals stick is to make sure that they are consistent with our deep down, spiritual being.  This doesn’t mean that we won’t make goals about our physical or intellectual self, but if a goal is fulfilling a higher purpose other than just looking great in size 4 jeans or earning straight A’s,  we might actually be able to assimilate it.  In my mind, the purpose of goals is to become better and who knows better about better than God?

I take this idea from the story of the Prodigal Son found in Luke 15:11-32.  Maybe my very favorite line in all of holy writ is this one:  “When he came to himself” (v. 17).  There is SOOOO much packed in that little line-not the least of which is the idea that the son started to see something THAT WAS ALREADY THERE.  God didn’t decide to make him over into someone else; He simply helped him to come to his own truest self- which, by the way, is going to be vastly different than every other human being on the earth.

With this in mind then, wouldn’t it be wise to seek counsel from God, who knew who you were before you were born and who knows all of your gifts and talents and who knows all of your weaknesses and problems and who also knows who you are capable of becoming.  Wouldn’t it just make sense to get on your knees and start a conversation with Him about who you are capable of becoming and what goals right now, this year, are going to lead you into becoming that person?  Doesn’t it just make sense to consult the one person who actually sees your path and can lead you along it, bit by bit?  He isn’t into instant makeovers, either.  He’s into lifetime transformations that are implemented layer by layer.  But we will talk about that tomorrow.  Today is the day to get on your knees and ask your Father to start inspiring you to know who you really are and to help you find goals that will bring you to yourself.  This step is going to be delightfully surprising and simply powerful.

Keep some paper handy because when ‘pop-ins’ appear, He is probably speaking to you.  WRITE IT DOWN.  That’s it!


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