man-arms-upraised-1Whoa!  It’s been a full summer and I haven’t posted forever, but today I am so pleased.  And I am ready to tackle a blog series that has been on my mind for a very long time.  For several years now I have hoped that, as religious folk,  we could get serious about addiction.  It seemed like a largely unacknowledged malady in my LDS world.  And yet so MANY people that I know have been trapped by various types of addiction.
We’ve harbored several addicts in our home.  I have learned a lot as I have watched my family and friends battle demons and attempt revolutionary change.  It is nothing short of awful;  because with addiction comes a multitude of emotional conflicts and unresolved problems.  SO even if we peel off the addiction, we are still left with a gaping wound that needs serious attention.  There is nothing enticing about addiction.  Except recovery.  And that’s what I want to rejoice in today!  As part on the ongoing effort to bring to light (yeah, Satan, that’s right…we are bringing you to LIGHT to be scrutinized and demolished)  the devastating effects of addiction and the absolute joyful feeling of recovery, the LDS church has made a series of very real, very raw, very necessary videos that give us a snapshot into the addict’s journey.  Please take a look.  https://www.mormonchannel.org/watch/series/12-steps-to-change

Share with others.  Let’s get this out where we can look at it and help people.  The shame of addiction is Satan’s way of keeping the thing buried.  And nothing buried can enjoy light, air, and movement.

This is my chance to jump in with both feet and try to make a difference.  Stand by…and if addiction recovery isn’t your passion, I promise that there is someone in your life that could benefit from your education and understanding.

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