28 February 2016:  I realize now after doing some research that this is quite a boring ABOUT page.  I have some ideas to reconstruct it…but it will take a bit of time.  In the meantime…DON’T JUDGE ME!  (or my posts)

My friend, Joan, has a saying hanging in her home:  “It takes a long time to grow old friends”  How true it is…and yet, I have found ‘old friends’ among my cadre of new friends.  How can this be?  I attribute it all to the Spirit which has the power to make a new friend into an old friend in a VERY SHORT period of time.  I think of the Savior changing new wine into old wine.  It’s the same idea.  So I hope that we will be old friends.  I hope that some of my thoughts and feelings will resonate with you.  I hope that we can teach each other how to ‘stand still and wait for the arm of the Lord to be revealed’.  And I hope that together we can change the world as we ‘waste and wear out our lives’ for God. ENJOY!




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